We call for an exit of Juncker #junxit

Where the citizens of Europe were allowed to speak up1, a very clear message was sent. We want a democratic Europe. A message neglected for far too long.

The Brexit is not a solution; Whether the United Kingdom should be part of the European Union is up to British to decide. However, we as Europeans have to make clear that a change must be made. A change that has to start today! We need a Europe that listens instead of dictates.

The British "LEAVE" is not a "NO" that needs to divide. Discomfort with Brussels is widespread. Ignoring this discomfort will just let it grow. We have to make clear that from today onwards everybody is aware that the European Project has to return to its origins: the citizens of many different nations.

A Europe of the Europeans, not a Brussels' EU
Speak up for a Europe of the Europeans, against the EU of Brussels.

Resignation of Juncker
We demand the immediate resignation of Juncker and the entire European Commission.

Change of puppets is just the wake-up call
We demand the resignation of Juncker not because a change of puppets will do the job. But to make everybody fully aware that from this day onwards the European Project is changing its course.


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1 France 2005, the Netherlands 2005 & 2016, the United Kingdom 2016